November, 13th, 2011. Master-class by calligrapher Yegor Lobusov "The Process of Calligraphy as a Means of Consciousness and Body Organization"

On Sunday, Yegor Lobusov, calligrapher and physician, immersed the visitors of the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy in a variety of pleasant moments filled with the tranquility of Chinese culture.

As expected, Yegor talked about correct posture, breathing and proper hand position for writing a Chinese hieroglyph. He helped the workshop’s visitors with great pleasure, and at the end he showed how to complete the work properly.

The spectators and direct participants were enraptured! Those who did not get to us this Sunday still have a chance! Hopefully, Yegor will visit the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy again to give each of us a piece of Chinese culture.


Source: Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy