Museum of World Calligraphy hold workshop “The Art of Persian Calligraphy (Techniques and practices) by Master Bahman Panahi”

On February 23, the Museum of World Calligraphy will hold a Persian calligraphy workshop, run by a renowned master calligrapher Bahman Panahi. The 4-hour event is scheduled for 12:00 PM.

Persian calligraphy is one of the most distinctive schools in the history of Islamic calligraphy. This practical workshop will introduce participants to the main traditional tools, techniques and elements, the system of proportion, and rules of the Persian style through working on the forms and structure of single letters and their combinations.

The workshop will conclude with an exercise exploring the basic principles of calligraphic creations and compositions.

Participants of any level can benefit from this unique workshop run by master calligrapher Bahman Panahi, a well known international artist and professor of calligraphy based in Paris. Due to his unique pedagogical methods no previous knowledge of Persian or Arabic is necessary to participate.

Students will be using the traditional tools and materials, which will be available as part of the workshop.

The cost of participation is 3500 RUB.

To register, please call +7 985-850-19-07, +7 (916) 205-09-78.


Bahman Panahi, born in 1967 in Iran, is a visual artist, calligrapher and musician based in Paris. He grew up surrounded by the rich culture of the Persian artistic traditions, and was drawn to the arts of calligraphy and music from an early age. Soon Panahi found that his practice of these two art forms complemented each other.

In calligraphy he studied under the direction of the respected masters Gholamhosein Amirkhani, Abdollah Foradi, and Yadollah Kaboli, in music – with the masters Hushang Zarif, Athaullah Zahed Shirazi, and Mohammad Reza Lotfi. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Tehran University and continued in Ecole Beaux-arts de Valenciennes (France) and his doctoral research (the relationship between music and calligraphy) at the Sorbonne University in France.

Bahman Panahi has coined the term “musicalligraphy” to describe his work – a combination of visual abstraction, calligraphy, and music, his pieces are an exploration of the points where these three arts intersect.

Bahman Panahi has actively participated in calligraphic exhibitions, festivals, lectures, and music concerts in five continents, and has been invited as a visiting professor and distinguished artist to noted universities, such as Harvard and North Eastern, in the U.S. Currently Bahman Panahi teaches calligraphy in different institutions in Paris.

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Museum of World Calligraphy hold workshopBahman Panahi