June 1, 2011. Master-classes for young visitors on International Children’s Day

On June 1, the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy held special tours and master-classes for children. In this way the museum celebrated the international children's holiday, providing interesting and educational activities.

Young lovers of fancy writing listened attentively to the tours, asked questions, and simply enjoyed themselves scrutinizing the beautiful paintings through magnifying glasses, and running from one calligraphy chef-d’oeuvre to another.

Yuri Koverdyayev and Nina Kozubova, acknowledged Russian calligraphers, acquainted the next generation with art. The children diligently imitated every move of the masters’ pens. If someone made an error, the teachers helped him or her out immediately, unlocking the key secret of fancy writing: for letters to be steady and regular the way you hold your pen is essential.

Ink-stained, but happy, the children took home their first calligraphy masterpieces. And some of our young guests even presented their works to the museum. Who knows… They might be the works of our country’s future great artists and calligraphers!