Ganzorig Aleksandr


The Sky

The Sky

Rice paper, ink, brush, 63x124 cm, 2008.
The Mountain

The Mountain

Rice paper, ink, brush, 55x124 cm, 2008
The Wind of the Steppe

The Wind of the Steppe

Rice paper, ink, brush, 110x45 cm, 2008.


Ganzorig  Aleksandr

Born on November 6, 1973 in Arkhangaisky aimak. In 1991 he finished secondary school No72 in Ulan-Bator (Mongolia).He entered the Superior Institute of Culture and graduated in 1995, qualified as a theatre and stage designer.

He worked as a fashion and type designer. In 2005 he opened his own studio specialized in calligraphy, art photography, etc.

Exhibition organization and participation:

2006 — Great Mongolia - 800 — the exhibition of works by Mongolian calligraphers;

2007 — Lively Inscriptions — the independent calligraphic exhibition;

2008 — Fresh Snow — the exhibition of works by Mongolian calligraphers;

2008 — Golden Brush — the exhibition of artists' works;

2008 — Nude Art — the exhibition of paintings and photographs;

2008 — Classical Aspiration — the independent exhibition of calligraphy.