Qamar Dagar


The Continuity

The Continuity

The Special

The Special

Each individual is special in his own way, Hindi/Urdu. 
Chinese ink, acrylic & natural colour on ivory paper, 63,5x46 cm, 2008
The Prelude

The Prelude

The tranquil and continuous flow, Hindi/Urdu. Acrylic & Natural color on ivory paper, 35.4x56 cm, 2008.


Qamar  Dagar

Born in Delhi to the family of classical Dhrupad (an ancient form of music) devotees, Qamar Dagar was always drawn to visual arts, writing and painting, as well as reading poetry both in Hindi and Urdu. These kinds of arts are traditional for a person of her educational and cultural background.

She feels deeply privileged and genuinely happy to be immersed in the rich converging streams of classical music, art, and culture. Her graduation in sociology widened her intellectual horizon and sharpened her analytical view of society and culture.

Her close proximity to her spiritual and calligraphy guru, a skillful master of Arabic calligraphy, helped her to see the beauty of written words. He encouraged her to enjoy and believe in what she was doing.

Hassan Massoudy (Paris) from Iraq and Mohammad Elbaz from Morrocco, two renowned calligraphers, also had a strong influence on her, encouraging new ideas in her work.

She likes to pick a letter from a word and elaborate it so that it becomes the focal point.

To her, letters are complete designs in their own right.

She designs greeting cards, posters, brochures, and stage decoration for music concerts.

Her works are predominantly kept in private collections in India, France, and the USA.

She has had solo exhibitions in India, France and the US.