Sakura Festival of Japanese Culture will gather all the art forms of the Land of the Rising Sun on one pad.

Japanese people celebrate Hanami, the Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the transient beauty of sakura cherry blossoms, in April with the first warm days. This spring Muscovites and guests of the capital will have a chance to know old Japanese traditions.

The project's organizers are the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy and the National Union of Calligraphers. According to their plan, the festival in Moscow will gather all the art forms of Japan on one pad, which were established and developed in the capital thanks to the efforts Russian fans of the Japanese nation culture made.

A unique two-storey pavilion, the one and only in Russia, especially built for the occasion in the greenbelt of Moscow is going to be the venue to hold the Spring Festival, what is quite symbolic. Ultra-modern, elegant and stylishly decorated interior of the building is a great place to realize all the planned events of the festival.

As a part of the festival’s vast program the guests will be able to visit the exhibition of Japanese calligraphy, the exhibition of painting and applied items; discover the national art forms, Japanese cuisine, the tea ceremony; learn about the country and the traditions of Japanese ethnicity in lectures and workshops. Performances of bands, master classes, a retrospective show of films about Japan and other interesting events were also announced.

Sakura Festival of Japanese Culture is a non-profit, social and educational project supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Embassy of Japan in the Russian Federation, Japan Foundation Department of Japanese Culture.

Entrance is free of charge.

Source: Central Administrative Okrug of Moscow, the internet edition