March 27-28, 2011. Days of Korean Script. Master-class on hieroglyphic writing. Korean syllables.

On Sunday, March 27 the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy hosted the opening ceremony of the “Days of Korean script” — the first event in a four-day festival of Asian culture. The Museum was literally transformed and its exposition displayed dozens of new works on Korean calligraphy. Mr. Yang, Minister Plenipotentiary, Director of the Korean Cultural Centre under the South Korean Embassy in Russia; Mr. Alexey Shaburov, Director of the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy; and, of course, the hero of the day — the famous Korean calligrapher Kim Jong Chil delivered their welcoming addresses.

From the very beginning, Kim Jong Chil provoked a storm of applause by showing an unusual performance. He took a large sheet of paper and wrote first in Russian and then in Korean the phrase: “The Way to the Future”. As an illustration he left his footprints on the canvas, symbolizing onward progress. The Contemporary Museum ofC has never seen such an unusual master class before.

That day, Kim Jong Chil gave a personal tour of the museum and told the guests about the new calligraphy works from Korea. The audience followed the Korean master from stand to stand with bated breath. Many of the works were composed not only of Korean characters, but also of word and even whole sentences in Russian. Kim Jong Chil has been studying Russian since he participated in the International Calligraphy Exhibition, held six months ago in Veliky Novgorod. Finally, Kim Jong Chil signed postcards and brochures for all visitors.

Days of Korean Script will continue on Monday, starting at 4 pm. On Tuesday we start the Days of Japanese Culture, which also will last for two days.