The music of feathers

Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy was established in Sokolniki park at the threshold of the International Exhibition of Calligraphy which will be held in St. Petersburg on September 16-21. In the Eastern countries they call calligraphy a remedy and gymnastics for mind and soul and equal it to martial arts. As for this country, the art of calligraphy has long been neglected and supported by a few enthusiastic artists. The nearest calligraphic “Mecca” was Tallinn. There a serving President of the newly established Union of Calligraphers Petr Chobitko did his studies with a prominent teacher Paul Luhtein. At present time he has a school of calligraphy of his own and to Moscow he brought some presents among which are a few pages from Old Ritualists’ books of the 18th century. There was a plethora of presents from the colleagues-calligraphers at the Museum’s presentation. Joseph Tavor, the First Secretary of the Israeli Embassy, granted a present from a Jerusalem expert in sacred texts Avraam-Hersh Borshchevsky. It is a calligraphic work in Hebrew with the psalm from the Old Testament saying: “Remember not the sins of my youth, nor my transgressions: according to thy mercy remember thou me for thy goodness’ sake, O LORD”.

Aleksey Shaburov, the initiator of the Museum, called this event momentous. He plans to set up the Centre of Calligraphy were he will invite the masters from across the world and sees his mission in “forming a beautiful and healthy society”. Georgy Kozubov wrote this motto in the eyes of the audience and the way he did it dazzled the public. Georgy compared calligraphy to music: “It is virtual because it is not related to the material world but being a part of typography it makes us not merely write but design new fonts”.

Chinese Museum of calligraphy contains 4000 exhibits, Russian has not more than 100 yet. Those are scrolls with psalms, original figurative-calligraphic works of different styles and trends, inkpots, bamboo brushes and pens, reed pens and pens of eagle, turkey and goose plumes. The calligraphers are sure a ball-pen enslaves the muscles and enchains the cognitive ability. The museum exposition will be enlarged. The special messengers are looking for new exhibits in Mongolia, Australia, Japan, Peru and other countries of the world.

Source: Kultura, newspaper