First Metropolitan Museum of Calligraphy Will Open in Sokolniki

The first museum of calligraphy in Russia will be opened on Friday at the Sokolniki Recreation and Entertainment Park.

The permanent exposition will include fine specimen of Slavonic and European lettering, Russian and foreign books on calligraphy, limited editions of rare manuscripts, writing utensils of the past and present, elegant Hebrew calligraphy pieces. 

The collection includes 80 calligraphic works from Russia, Germany, France, USA, Israel, Japan, Syria and other countries. Besides, the visitors of the museum will be able to see the works of the distinguished masters’ apprentices, the ones who are now breaking the ground of calligraphy. 

Modern Museum of Calligraphy promises to be the first Russian museum related to the art of lettering, informs RIA Novosti.

There are similar museums in other large countries of the world, though it is an unprecedented event for Russia.

Opening of a Modern Museum of Calligraphy is the threshold of an international calligraphic event, the International Exhibition of Calligraphy in St Petersburg.

Source: Vzglyad, business newspaper