Russian Vyaz crash course in Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy

On December 24 between 12 and 5 PM the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy will hold a crash course on one of the most beautiful decorative writing styles – the Russian Vyaz.

Vyaz has been known in Rus as early as late 14th century and used to decorate books, interior items or architecture. Nature and technique to write in Vyaz would vary depending on the carrier: Vyaz written in books, carved in wood, stone or bone, or sewn in fabrics, each of those would have its own distinctive features. In this regard various cultural centres demonstrate significant stylistic differences, and by the 17th century Moscow writers had known hundreds of letter combinations. Today the popularity of Vyaz tends to re-emerge, as its expressiveness is so fascinating to explore.

The crash course will introduce the traditional Russian Vyaz and ligatures (interweaved letters), let you try your hand in producing a coherent text and a decorative writing. The tool to write in Vyaz is broad pen.

Epinician and thoughtful writing will give a sense of harmony and the holiday feel. The creative element is a Klondike of inspiration that spouts inside all of us. The knowledge and skills to gain at the course will improve your sense of rhythm, coordination and a good eye.

The course will wrap up with a contest to choose the most elegant writing and compete for a ticket to the Led skating rink in Sokolniki.

Sunday, December 24, 12PM – 5PM.

Duration: 5 hours, tea break in the museum.

Price: RUB 4000

Level: any

Materials to be provided.

To enroll please contact 8-916-002-90-09 or

Russian Vyaz crash course in Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy