The first International Exhibition of Calligraphy is opened in the Academy of Arts in Russia

A history of humanity, written by hand. The first International Exhibition of Calligraphy is opened in the Academy of Arts in Russia. The large collection is unfolded in two huge exhibit halls. Among them are historical manuscripts, unseen miniature books and the absolute icing on the cake is considered to be the first handwritten copy of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, which is compared to music for the eyes and medicine for the soul. Paper and parchment, quill and brush, colours and ink: there is no limit to what fantasy can create. Calligraphy is not only beautiful writing. Calligraphy masters create complete paintings where each of the symbols brings it own sense. For example, here the author portrayed wisdom, on the next canvas strength, energy and bravery are displayed. Moreover, the art of calligraphy is available for everyone. Master-classes will also be held for several days within the exhibition.

Source: Russia, State online-channel