The Beauty of Writing

Sokolniki saw the opening of the world’s largest exhibition of calligraphy. A World Famous Mezuzah, listed in the Guinness World Records, the Sacred Mantra from Germany, a handwritten copy of the Constitution of the Russian Federation are now on public display for the first time ever. The five thousand square metres of the exhibition area have accommodated masterpieces from over thirty countries. One of the one hundred and sixty-two pages of the Golden Koran created at the Moscow Mint within a year and a half and weighing over six hundred kilograms.

The history of calligraphy covers the span of over three thousand years while the word itself is literally translated as the beauty of writing. Some masters write each line, each element in strict compliance with the canon; others add some decorations and elaborations. Hence, the exhibition resembles an art gallery featuring countless bizarre and totally incomprehensible symbols.

The exhibition will be available for a whole month, until November 14th.

Source: Podmoskovie (the Moscow Oblast) TV-channel