Learn the art of Calligraphy in St. Petersburg

Calligraphy (Greek “beautiful handwriting”) is the art of beautiful and neat handwriting. The purpose of calligraphy is not only readability, but also it informs with the letter its emotionally descriptive graphic expressiveness. Visitors of the exhibition held in St. Petersburg will have a great opportunity to be the first ones in Russia to enjoy the unique exposition that consists of 350 works by elite representatives of a variety of calligraphy schools from 24 countries.

The exhibition features rare items of the past and present. Among the major exhibition pieces are beautiful samples of Slavic writing, historical manuscripts and manuscripts of the nations of the world, a vast collection of rare letters and documents belonging to the noble Russian family, the Romanovs, and papers taken from the vaults of the State Historical Museum. The visitors will see a great gallery of rare, scarce and unseen manuscripts and miniature books from private collections. Besides these, they will see writing materials and utensils of all ages, and will be able to scrupulously examine modern original and distinct samples of applied calligraphy.

As Pyotr Chobitko, Pesidium Chairman of the National Union of Calligraphers says, the project’s goal is to revive the forgotten art of calligraphy in Russia, to make it widely available, and to create conditions for its development. He points out that the exhibition is aimed at the young generation. The main thing is to show visitors the whole beauty of calligraphy, the unanimity of a spiritual component of this art.

The icing on the cake will be a presentation of the one and only handwritten Constitution of the Russian Federation. Delicately designed, the folio is a result of the collective efforts and vision of a talented team comprised of professional calligraphers and publishers. Last but not least, the exhibition programme will feature round table discussions, seminars, calligraphic performances and contests for amateur calligraphers. Very special activities are prepared for the little ones.

Source: GTRK Saint Petersburg, State Television and Radio Broadcast Company