The National School of Calligraphy: summing up the autumn

Final classes took place at the National School of Calligraphy at the end of November. As planned, among the graduates were the students of three elementary groups and one intermediate group. It should be mentioned that people of different ages studied in those groups. It is good to see that calligraphy attracts so many young people.

First year students mastered the correct writing of the letters of the Russian alphabet, learned about elements of decoration and developmental calligraphic exercises. Second year students studied the writing of drop caps and monograms, as well as uncial, half-uncial Cyrillic book hand and other scripts.

All graduates were given certificates on the graduation day. Artyom Lebedev, a teacher at the National School of Calligraphy, personally congratulated his students. Classes are to start again next season. For detailed information call: +7 495 728 7758.


Source: Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy