New museum exhibit and first writing attempts

On Sunday, September 24, the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy held the Doors Open Day to present training courses for all ages by the National Calligraphy School. The guests were introduced to the updated permanent exhibition, which featured some masterpieces created for the recent 6th International Exhibition of Calligraphy, as well as to the traditional pearls of the museum collection.

Ekaterina Orfanova, a new trainer in the National Calligraphy School, presented the courses for children and her own, largely game-based penmanship course for primary school age kids, which is able to interest and retain even the most fidgety children. One more distinction is the fact that Ekaterina is a left-hander and therefore is well aware of the most typical issues left-handed kids face when they practice writing.

After her talk the children and their parents enjoyed trying their hand in writing some letters with a broad nib.

Artem Lebedev picked up to speak of another course for children, the Old Russian Writing, designed for the kids 10-12 years of age. The course includes various Slavonic scripts and decoration elements.

Both courses feature custom original copybooks.

Artem also told about basic, pointed pen and lettering courses for adults, which also imply practicing few basic historical scripts and original copybooks.

Please be reminded a 15% discount applies before October 1st to pay for the entire adult course and for the first month of the children course.

For more details about the programme and prices please see Calligraphy Courses section at our website.

The museum and the school look forward to seeing you!