Graphology Myths and Handwriting Mysteries talk

Your handwriting is one of the few things making you unique – there are no two identical handwritings in the world. Throughout history of the mankind, attempts were made to identify one's character based on the handwriting. A graphology expert will find one's writing manner much more informative compared to all sorts of tests, interviews or recommendations.

To celebrate St. Valentine's Day, Olga Morozova, a graphology expert and member of the Israeli Society of Scientific Graphology, job counsellor and recruitment expert, will hold a special event for the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy to talk about the links between brain and handwriting, opportunities to apply the graphology method in real life and some psychological aspects of the matter at hand. You can expect an entertaining and exclusive content about handwriting of various personalities from the global history, politics and culture.

Real opportunities of the amazing graphology method will unlock for you when you attend. What can your own handwriting tell about you? Can an analysis of your handwriting assist in choosing a career, assess marriage compatibility or the level of your talent? Can an employer assign responsibilities properly based on its employees' handwriting? Is handwriting in any demand at all in today's digital world?

The talk will also touch upon the scientific aspect of graphology among the sciences.

Together with Olga Morozova we will reveal secrets of human's character and find answers to key questions in the chamber, cosy and friendly environment of the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy.

Date and time: February 15, 7:30 pm
Location: the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy, exhibit hall 7, the 5th Luchevoy Prosek 7, build 6.
Price: free admission*, registration required.
Seats are limited.
* Please note you will be charged RUB 200 extra for an entrance ticket to the museum.

Graphology Myths and Handwriting Mysteries talkGraphology Myths and Handwriting Mysteries talk