Graduation of the children’s group at the National School of Calligraphy

On April 30, 2016 the final class of the new children’s course “Calligraphy basics” was held at the National School of Calligraphy.

Taught by the School’s teacher Artyom Lebedev, the kids had learned the basic writing, the Italian cursive script, and the main rules of lettering and text decoration.

At the final class the young calligraphers presented their graduation works: text compositions they had been working on for two months. For that work the kids selected their favourite poems or kind wishes. They had taken the task very seriously, diligently tracing each letter and embellishing their texts with decorative calligraphy elements. Artyom Lebedev presented the students with certificates, highly praising their improved calligraphy skills and aptitude with calligraphy instruments.

Most of the graduates decided to continue their studies and enrolled for another year of studies. Starting in October 2016, the young calligraphers guided by Artyom Lebedev will study the Old Russian and the copperplate scripts.

And today enrollment for the basic children’s course has started. We invite children aged 7 to 12 to join the course.

For more details, contact manager of the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy Irina Kornilova: +7 (495) 728-77-58, +7 (916) 002-90-09,