Fine handwriting made simple

Fancy to harmonize with yourself, endure the big city induced stresses and find a way to self-express in a creative manner? If your answer is yes, then calligraphy and lettering is your choice. This winter the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy offers a wide selection of courses for everyone, starting from calligraphy 101 and through to the rare skill of fine Vyaz in pointed pen.

Through best teaching practices a welcoming team will introduce various calligraphy styles, its history and essential exercises to you.

Anyone is welcome to try their hand – the training admits any level, from professional to beginner. Age matters not too – it's never too late to develop a new interest and self-improve through writing. Affordable prices and flexible schedule of the National School of Calligraphy will come as a nice bonus.

If you're only starting out to master calligraphy, Introduction to Calligraphy or Basic Writing courses are ideal for you – they will explain some basic techniques and pen and ink wielding.

Diving into the fascinating world of calligraphy will unlock other nations’ cultures and traditions reflected in writing: these courses are Roman Capital writing. Antiqua, Italic, Gothic, Old Russian. Uncial. Half-Uncial and many more. Students will distil the secrets of script organization and structure of letters, will learn to design various styles and textures, and understand a proper way to build a composition, practicing the new knowledge.

For those into the magic of the Orient, we offer a special course titled the Introduction to Oriental Calligraphy. Chinese and Japanese Characters. Fans of delicate strokes and ornate decorations will enjoy creating monograms in the Pointed Pen classes. Two more courses taking applications now are the various levels of Brushpen and Spencerian, which feature a historical background, key tools and materials, the ABC of hand positioning and basic elements, enabling you to create your own little masterpieces.

Handwriting improvements, unique and original cards, fine and sophisticated messages – the school of calligraphy will offer all of the above and much more. Calligraphy classes will not only grant you a valuable experience and open an exciting hobby, but will turn your life around, helping develop attention and stress resistance.

Calligraphy is not pure art but a lifestyle that holds a plethora of benefits. Don’t miss your chance and enroll now. For more information, please see the official website of the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy.