Final lessons held at the National school of beautiful writing art

At the end of April, the final lessons were held in the framework of the children course at the National school of beautiful writing art. During the final lesson the kids have presented their final works. They proudly showed the correct writing, their tools command skills, compositional thinking and their ability to decorate the calligraphic texts. The lessons were held in an unusual way: the teachers prepared new themes for the final lecture, for instance, during the course “Writing based on the Italic cursive” the kids were writing by means of Old Russian decorative style such as ornamental script, while during the course “Old Russian writing” they have used the Italic cursive. The parents who came to congratulate their kids with final lesson achievements, also have practiced the writing with pleasure. The teachers were happy with the result and they have praised the children and their parents since a successful children education is a great merit of the parents who were very passionate about their children interest in the calligraphy and they have created all the necessary conditions for a good learning. At the end of the lessons the attendees were handed out the certificates of the course graduation and the Museum’s gifts. The School teachers, Ekaterina Orfanova and Artem Lebedev have praised the students for their successes and advised them to continue their learning of writing and improve their skills striving to achieve masterfulness.

The leadership of the Contemporary Museum of calligraphy and the teachers of the School express their congratulations to the graduates of the six month term course and wish them to spread the beauty of the written word all over their lives!

We remind all those who wish and consider it important to have a beautiful writing that the enrollment to the children course scheduled for October 2018 continues.