Calligraphy and cadel flourishing at Broad Pen crash course

On Sunday, March 5, the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy saw a broad pen crash course. The 5-hour agenda provided a short timeframe to learn the theoretical background of broad pen writing, basic strokes and writing principles, and to create an original piece. Teacher Katerina Orfanova started with giving some details about the tool – the broad pen or the broad nib, about writing techniques and two key calligraphy varieties written with this tool – Edward Johnston Foundation Hand and Blackletter. Thoroughly prepared training toolkit contributed to the participants catching on the new material faster. Tea break talk revealed each of the participants’ reasons to come to calligraphy – for some this crash course was the introduction to the art of fine writing, while the others practiced at home before and this was their first supervised attempt.

The time seemed to have passed too quickly in a friendly chat, and the practice resumed to create an original piece: the participants set to apply the new skills to create a greeting card with cadel flourishing. Traditional decoration with a wax stamp served as a finishing touch.

Anyone willing to spend a weekend doing art and learning something new is welcome to join the following pointed pen crash course on March 12!