The Bilibin's Style Capital

Last Sunday the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy held the Bilibin's Style Capital workshop led by artist Marina Khankova, author of a unique handwritten alphabet book and illustrations to the Russian Alphabet Book Illustrated by Marina Khankova.

Marina started the class with her creative career story and then shared some insights about art and artistic methods of a great Russian artist, Ivan Bilibin. Practice followed: the objective was to draw and decorate a capital matching to the first letter of each participant's own name. First Marina assisted everyone to make a sketch of the letter in her own original style, and then helped pick the best palette to decorate the works in Ivan Bilibin’s style. After detailing floral ornaments and colour fill the final outline with nib and ink became the finishing touch. Despite limited time and lack of experience, some participants even managed to create more than one capital under Marina’s skilful guidance, to present to their friends and family.

Everyone noted the amazingly cosy environment that reigned in the museum on that day. The workshop ended with participants sincerely thanking Marina for quality and creative time, while we made her promise to come back to us with new workshops across painting and calligraphy. Stay tuned!