March 1, 2015. Master classes within the International Exhibition of Calligraphy

Last Sunday, at the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy there were two master classes organised and held for the guests of the exhibition.

As a part of the lecture "History of Calligraphy in Russia and in Western Europe" based on the book "Visible verb", calligrapher and teacher of font and calligraphy Dmitry Petrovsky told the audience about the history and characteristics of the old Russian and European letters. Attendees learnt how over the centuries alphabets were modified, what kinds of calligraphic fonts were used on the territory of Russia and Western Europe, and what role calligraphy played in the world history.

Master of Arabic writing Arash Shirinbad uncovered the secrets of Kufic writing.

Workshop participants learnt about the types of Islamic calligraphy, Arabic fonts and the ways to reproduce them in handwriting.

On the example of Kufic calligraphy the calligrapher demonstrated letter writing techniques and revealed the significance of all semantic word characters.